Do you know those awesome health benefits of Green grams?|2021?

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Hello friends, this post will provide you the info on Green gram benefits, Green gram sprouts and green gram nutrition.100% sure you will be surprised by reading those health benefits of a Green gram. (Here is a trial it helps in weight loss)


Green grams are also known as mung/moong. Green gram is one of the best and beneficial food due to its nutrient content.

Nearly 200g of moong dal can provide you 6-7g of protein.

Due to its large amount of protein and fewer amount of carbs, It is  the best food that should be included by you in the ketogenic diet.

Green/mung is present in everyone’s kitchen in India and it is used for making dals, chilla , dosa ,kicidhi,etc.

Botanical name: vigna radiata L.wilczek.

Family: Leguminosae.

Origin: India and central Asia.

Do you Know : India is the major producer of green grams. Nearly 17 lakh tonnes( Cost per tonne in India is RS.67000 ).

Green Gram Nutrition Table(100g):

Carbohydrates62.62 g
Fiber16.3 g
Folate(B9)625 mg
Niacin(B6)2.251 mg
Vitamin C4.8 mg
Vitamin k9 mg
Calcium132 mg
Iron6.7 mg
Magnesium189 mg
Manganese1.03 mg
Phosphorous367 mg
Potassium1246 mg
Zinc2.6 mg
Panthothenic acid1.9 mg
Fat1.15 g
Energy347 kcal
Nutritional value from wikipedia.

Here are some Impressive Health Benefits of Mung beans:

Helps in weight loss and Best for the gym person.

Fiber is also known as a natural appetite suppressant because according to research it said that fiber and protein are the nutrients that suppress the hormone Ghrelin i.e a hunger hormone. 

The presence of protein in green grams not only helps our body in weight loss but also helps in the formation of muscles.

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Helps in lowering Blood pressure.

Nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and fiber help in lowering blood pressure.

It is said that deficiency of potassium is the main cause of blood pressure. Potassium helps in maintaining the sodium level in the body.

The main function of magnesium in lowering blood pressure is by relaxing blood vessels.

Several studies concluded that fiber helps in lowering blood pressure.

Helps in Improve Heart Health.

 Potassium, folate, magnesium, and fiber are some of the best nutrients for maintaining our heart health.

Along with those nutrient green gram also consist of antioxidant and flavonoid which helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level and reduce the damage of free unstable radical.

Folate is the best nutrient present in green gram. Because folate helps in the breakdown of harmful amino acids such as homocysteine which damages arteries.

Folate helps in the formation of red blood cells. 

As we read above potassium and magnesium helps in lowering blood pressure.

Helps in improving Cognitive Health.

Nutrients provided by green gram that helps in improving cognitive health are folate, magnesium, vitamin k, and B.

The main function of folate is it helps in the formation of neurotransmitters, it is also said that it may help in reducing depression and mental fatigue.

Magnesium helps our brain by preventing it from certain brain disorders and is important for neurotransmission.

Vitamin K helps in the regulation of calcium level in the brain. It is also said that vitamin k can prevent us from Alzheimer’s disease.

Research suggests that fiber can decrease the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

Helps in improving the Immune system.

Green gram has many nutrients that help in the formation and boosting of the immune system.

Nutrients provided by the green grams is Vitamin C, Zinc, Protein, Folate, Magnesium, and Iron.

Green grams are also rich in phytonutrients which shows anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activities. 

The above nutrients help in the formation of white blood cells which improves our immune defense response against pathogens, viruses, or any foreign particle.

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Helps in making our skin and eyes healthy. 

The presence of zinc and flavonoids in green grams helps in maintaining our eye health. This nutrient avoids the risks of developing eye diseases such as cataract and also protect our retina.

Green grams are used in many home remedies for making our skin healthy, glowing, etc.

It is the best food to be eaten in summer.

You may think “what rubbish is he talking about”. but yes it is the best food for summer.

Green grams sprouts can help you in preventing heat stroke, dehydration, and many summer infections.

According to Healthline, Green gram consists of antioxidant vitexin, and isovitexin which have anti-inflammatory properties.

This antioxidant helps our body by preventing us from free radical caused during heatstroke.

Prevent us from Diabetes.

Green grams helps our body in lowering blood sugar level.

Research suggests that a fiber-rich diet can boost insulin secretion in our body.

The antioxidants and protein present in green gram increase/support the effect of insulin and lower the rate of absorption of sugar in the blood.

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Helps in improving women’s health especially in pregnancy.

Here are some of the nutrient provided by green gram which is required for improving women health: Folate, vitamin b, calcium, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin.

During pregnancy, women should eat a large amount of folate-rich foods. Folate is required for the healthy development of the fetus.

Nearly a women during pregnancy need 600mcg of folic acid per day.  It can be fulfilled by green gram as 1/2 cup of green gram consist of 159 mcg of folic acid.

Mainly pregnant women suffer from mild anemia(i.e deficiency of red blood cells). Green gram is rich in content of folate, iron, and vitamin which are an essential nutrient for red blood cell formation.

From the 2nd semester(12-28 weeks) your body needs nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamin b for developing the bones and muscles of the baby which are also present in green gram.

Green grams provide you calcium which may prevent you from osteoporosis. (Regular eating)

Nearly all adult women require 2500 mg per day.

Green Gram sprouts:

Green gram sprouts nothing but a small growth of plant(bud) on seeds.

Do sprouts cause gas? Yes, it may result in formation of gas, as it is rich in content of protein. This gas may be the result of incomplete digestion.If you have the weak digestive system than you should always eat cooked sprouts,chew it properly, best time to eat is in afternoon.

Can we eat moong sprouts daily? Yes you can eat moong sprout daily, it would be the best choice. For workout person I will suggest, you must include it in your diet. Women should also add moong sprout in your daily diet, the folate content in it will provide a lot of benefits to your body.

Can we eat green gram at night? Mainly at night you should eat light and digestible foods. Yes you can eat it at night It does not harmful your body but it may cause gas problems.

How to make sprouts? Wash and remove the mud or any chemical present on mung.Than leaves the mung in water nearly 6-7 hours. Than hang the soaked mung in moist clothes (muslin cloth) for 10 – 12 hours.


I hope this post provided you the required info you were searching for. Here in this post we have provided the most important health benefits of Green gram/mung. There are many other benefits also such as it may improve your sexual health, it may help you to cure digestion problems, it may prevent you from cancerous cell etc…

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