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Our website gives you complete information related to a particular topic along with the cure. H.H.T gives you complete knowledge about those topics: Diseases, cardio exercise, Gym workout, Diet, Health Tips, Latest news from WHO, Latest medical, and paramedical updates. The special thing about us is like another blogs we don’t give detailed information we just give you the required information that helps you and easy to understand.

            Founder of H.H.T Me, Pratik Chavan, I am from India, Maharashtra city latur. I am a medical student and have complete knowledge of diseases and it’s cure personally in this website I won’t suggest you about the medication I am just giving you the health tips,home remedies, causes, symptoms, and things that should be avoided. For exercise or gym workout, I will tell you I am gym addicted hence I have complete knowledge about exercise or workout you will won’t believe nearly 3 hrs I spend my time for being fit, morning 1hr for yoga and 2 hr at night for my workout(Gym). And I am preparing for my competitive exam hence I have a good grip on the latest medical or who news updates.

             In this website I am just sharing my knowledge with you, hope this shared knowledge may make a change in your life. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact [ Health.CaRe].

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