Hangover cure: 11 best foods for reducing hangover and its symptoms.

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This article gives you the information regarding hangover cure (foods), its symptoms, vitamins and minerals required for reducing hangover, some tips for a hangover cure.

hangover cure

New year has been arisen, with family and friends the parties are going on day by day, but the next morning is showing the symptoms(hangover). But for avoiding these symptoms we should stop our parties, hmm… completely No.

But what is Hangover and it’s symptoms?

A hangover is just a name kept for the symptoms arising from alcohol consumption, mainly seen on the next day. we can’t cure a Hangover completely but we can reduce its symptoms. During a hangover, our body suffers from dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, increased blood pressure, inflammation, fatigue, anxiety, weakness, headache, muscle aches, nausea, stomach pain, and sweating.

Some of the essentials vitamins and minerals required for reducing hangover( important ones)

Vitamins: vitamin B and C.

Minerals: Potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus.

Here are best and different ways for avoiding these symptoms knows as hangover.

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Foods that can reduce hangover :



As alcohol shows diuretic properties, it causes dehydration in our bodies. Because alcohol blocks the working of the hormone, that helps our body in holding the water. As banana is rich in mineral content like potassium, sodium, etc it fulfills our body demand. Banana also works as an antacid which helps in reducing stomach acid and also works as an energy booster.

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Mostly lossed vitamin during alcohol consumption is vitamin C along with it some antioxidants like Glutathione is also lossed. glutathione is an important antioxidant of our body it plays major role in chemical reaction. Oranges are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants content.

Coconut Water.


As consumption of alcohol causes dehydration, for rehydrating our body coconut water will play a major role. coconut water is rich in many different types of electrolytes.



Turmeric is a powerful herb that has a wide amount of health benefits. It helps hangover patients in reducing the toxic effect of alcohol on the body. It contains nearly 300 types of naturally occurring components such as beta carotene, potassium, magnesium, sodium, vitamin B, C, etc. 



Like coconut, water watermelon also plays a similar role in hydrating our body. Along with hydration watermelon is rich in L-citrulline which helps in increasing blood flow. It also increases blood sugar levels.



Excessive alcohol consumption leads to the formation of free radicals which can trigger a number of human diseases. As oranges are rich in beta-carotene contain it helps our body in the elimination of free radicals. Carrots also help in detoxification of the body.

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Pineapples help in reducing pain and swelling as it contains, bromelain which has anti-inflammatory properties. pineapple also helps in the restoration of blood-sugar level, digestion, and removing free radicals.



Beets help in lowering blood pressure and removing toxic substances present in our body. Beet is also rich in potassium, vitamin C, fiber, and folate which helps in balancing electrolytes.

Dark leafy greens.

leafy vegetables for hangover
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Leafy vegetables are rich in potassium, folate, sodium, amino-acid, etc. The presence of minerals maintains the electrolyte imbalance and helps in hydrating us.

Spicy foods.


According to research spicy food helps to distract the body from hangover symptoms. Eating spicy food also helps in sweat formation which helps in the removal of toxic substances through the body.

Amino- acid reach foods.


Amino-acid helps our body in easily breakdown of alcohol in liver. Alcohol prevents our body from absorbing amino-acid, hence try to consume Eggs, Fish, Meat, beans, spinach, etc which are highly riched protein sources. Eggs help in increasing the formation of glutathione(antioxidant).

Some Tips for a hangover cure.

  • Have a good breakfast.
  • Try to get plenty of sleep. (The more you sleep, the more you feel good.)
  • Increase the intake of fluids for staying hydrated.
  • Avoids drinks and congeners.
  • Eat protein and antioxidant-rich foods.
  • Exercise ( helps in the removal of toxic substances through sweat.)
  • Take a cold water shower.
  • Use some supplements to ease your hangover.

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