Which is better cold water or warm water for drinking and bathing?|2021.

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                       As water is the most essential component of the body, nearly 70% of our body contains water.
-Our body uses water in many different ways such as for removing wastes(sweat, pus..), for body functioning, regulating body temp, lubrication of the body.
-As our body losses water in many ways why breathing, sweating, digestion hence it is necessary to stay hydrated every time.
-As we know water is important to our body but which will be more beneficial for us hot or cold water and which one is harmful to our body.
-Here I will not only tell you about the way of drinking water but which water is good for bathing cold or hot.

1. Hot water

Hot water means not too hot water. water which is boiled one and a little hot, that can easily drink.

Here are a few reasons that you should drink warm water :


1. Weight loss: One of the best effects of drinking warm water is that it helps in weight loss. According to studies, it is said that warm water breaks down fats and makes them easy to digest. For better weight loss, effects you should drink warm water before 30 minutes of your meal.
2.  Detoxification of the body: Drinking warm water every morning helps our body for flushing and removing the dangerous toxins present in our body Drinking warm water is one of the best detoxifying agents which helps in detoxifying our system.
3. Bowel movement: Warm water helps in easy removal of faces or wastes drinking warm water in the morning why an empty stomach increases the bowel movement which helps in lubricating the digestive system i.e helps in easy removal of wastes. If you have any large intestine problems like constipation, fecal impaction, irritable bowel syndrome, etc then try to drink more amount of warm water.
4.   Digestion: Drinking warm water boost your digestive system especially it helps to speed up the metabolism of the body hence it helps in easy digestion of foods.
5. Headaches: As the main reason for headaches is dehydration hence drinking warm water helps in hydrating your body ad also it helps in an increase in blood flow and oxygenation of your brain.
6. Avoid bad breath: As one of the reasons for bad breath is dehydration because of dehydration your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva, as saliva prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. 
7. Glowing skin and shiny hair: studies suggest that warm water provides moisture to the skin. as warm water also helps in detoxifying the body along with increasing blood circulation.
8. Prevents kidney and heart diseases: According to studies, it is said that drinking warm water increases the body temperature due to which there is an easy flow of blood throughout the body hence reduce heart diseases. As warm water removes toxins and fats deposits present in the intestine through the urinary region which helps in the prevention of kidney disease.

People should avoid warm water drinking :

  • Avoid warm water during acidity….
  • Avoid warm water drinking in summer if you are feeling thirsty.
  • Avoid warm water drinking after exercising or after a workout…
  • Avoid warm water drinking if you are heated (your body temperature is increased such as in case of fever, or playing outdoor games in sun).

2. Coldwater:

Coldwater means not too Coldwater. water which is a little cold or pot water, that can be easily drink.

Here are a few reasons that you should drink warm water :

Benefits :

1. beneficial for workout/exercise/sports person: Due to heavy workout in the gym or heavy exercising your body temperature increases for maintaining it, cold water plays an important role and as study suggest that cold water drinkers are able to exercise longer without feeling exhausted.

2. Boost metabolism and helps in weight loss: As drinking water helps in metabolism but how cold water reduce weight? according to German scientists, 5-6 glasses of cold water drinking per day can help you to reduce 50 -60 calories. But how/. Here is the reason, drinking cold water changes the stomach and body temperature for maintaining this body temperature our body works more efficiently hence due to this internal activity there is a burning of calories(sugars & fats). i.e weight loss.

3. Alertness and reduces pain: As drinking cold water or applying it on our skin increases sensory response due to which there is an increase in heart rate and adrenaline secretion. as the work of adrenaline is to keep our body alert and mentally ready, it also has a tendency to bear the pain.

NOTE: Mainly accident patient are given cold water due to which there is a reduction in pain and there are mentally alert.
      4. Hydration: compare to warm water cold water is absorbed fastly in the stomach .hence mainly sportspeople drink cold water for avoiding dehydration.

People should avoid cold water drinking: Avoid cold water drinking during meals, if you are suffering from flu, cold, sore throat, joint pain.

Conclusion: which water should be drink:

Hence according to my studies warm water has more benefits as compared to cold water
Hence the winner is warm water.
But according to me, you should drink both kinds of water hot and cold as drinking warm water every morning has many beneficial effects, As there are not more beneficial effects of cold water nor disadvantage of drinking cold water hence you may have it.

#Cold shower vs Hot shower: What are the benefits, which one is best?


-Firstly, for coming to a conclusion we will get the advantages of a cold and hot shower.
Cold shower: As we are mammals we are hot-blooded peoples, showering with cold water produces a sensation that makes us fresh and alert ( due to the secretion of adrenaline).
-As it is also said that cold water showering helps in burning fats i.e weight loss… and increases blood circulation.
Hot showerAs hot water, a shower helps our body to be relaxed and free from stress due to the secretion of oxytocin.
-A hot water shower can kill bacteria.
-It also helps in the opening of pores.
-Hot water bathing is beneficial for removing fatigue from the body.

Conclusion: According to my studies best shower should be of cold water because as coldwater fresh our body and makes us alert while hot water makes us lazy and in day-to-day life laziness is mans worst enemy. except for old peoples, children and adult people should have a cold water shower.

 According to Ayurveda, it is said that hot water showering can induce 121 different types of mental and physical problems.

Hence the winner is a cold water shower.
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