Dandruff and Hairfall: Major 2 hair problems with cure and tips.

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   Hair plays a major role in the life of any gender it is associated with youthfulness, beauty, virility, and many more. Those unwilling damage to our hair may make us feel shy or by ignoring them we may lead to baldness.

There are many hair problems but mostly seen are dandruff and hair fall.

Here if you are suffering from dandruff and hair fall problems then this blog is very must informative for you. 

     In this healthcare, the blog will tell you about the cause, prevention, and home remedy for dandruff and hair fall/hair loss problems.

1. Dandruff /Flaky scalp:

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        Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes like skin to appear. It causes itching. Dandruff can been seen on area where hair growth appear such as on eyebrows, beard, hairs, mustache etc.”

Common in teenagers, due to hormonal imbalance and hormonal relaxation of oil glands it can’t be said a disease it’s just a physiological variation. 1 of every 5 people suffers from dandruff. Mainly dandruff does not cause hair loss. Hair loss may cause due to rubbing your hair. 


  • High-stress level. 
  • Due to the absence of dairy products in your diet. 
  • It may also occur due to digestive disorder, using toxic hair product, poor hair brushing, 
  • Dandruff may cause due to not shampooing your hair periodically. 
  • Yeast overgrowth (Malassezia is a fungus that leaves on the scalp and skin of all people
  • If you have oily skin then do not use excessive oil on hair. 
  • Some allergic may also cause dandruff on hair 

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Prevention/Home remedy:

  • Use coconut oil with lemon. 
  •  Apply aloe vera gel
  • Eat more probiotic foods
  • Baking soda(wet your hair then massage with baking soda for about  1-2 minutes then wash it) 
  • Neem juice (make a paste of neem leaves with water then apply it wait for 5 minutes) 
  • Heena mehndi (mix with curd and lemon keep it for 6hrs than apply it wait for 2hrs than wash it) 
  • Orange peel pack
  • Fenugreek seed ( boil fenugreek seed with coconut oil then massage it, periodically at night) 
  • Curry leaves ( boil water with curry leaves then add it with lemon water and coconut oil apply overnight and wash it next morning) 
  • Tea tree oil 
  • Take 4 teaspoon curd to add 2 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon mahabhringraj… oil, and half teaspoon borax powder//tankan balsam mix it and apply it 

2.Hairfall/Hairfall :

“Loss of hair from the scalp or any other body area. As excessive hair loss may cause baldness but mainly baldness is genetic.”
  -Nearly 50-100 hairs fall daily. But suddenly loss of a handful of hair or occurs of patches of the spot may lead to baldness. 


  • Mainly in teenagers use of the toxic products may lead to hair fall. 
  • In females due to pregnancy, puberty, and menopause hair loss may occur. 
  • Exposure to some harmful chemicals present in water and air (pollutants) such as arsenic, thallium, mercury, and lithium leads to serious hair problems. 
  • In some cases, it may occur due to some diseases, scalp infection, toxic hair products, hormonal imbalance, stress, smoking, and drinking. 

Precautions :

  • Periodically wash your hair with a mild shampoo 
  • Avoid brushing wet hair. 
  • Enrich your diet with vitamin and protein
  • Keep yourself hydrated 
  • Be stress-free do some physical exercise.
  • Few best exercise for hair
  •              Rubbing your nails        
  •              Upside down exercise        
  •              Leg lifting exercises         
  •              Breathing exercises

  In Allopathy: MINOXIDIL may help some men and women to regrow hair. 

  Home remedy:

  • Massage your scalp periodically. 
  • Use aloe vera gel. 
  • Apply 100% pure coconut oil. 
  • Omega fatty acid helps to grow hair. 
  • Onion/ginger/garlic paste will help to increase hair roots. 
  • Lemon water tries once a week. 

Try to increase those nutrients in your diet i.e vitamin A, D, C, and E. Along with biotin, iron, protein, and essential fats.  

    Foods for healthy hairs :

  • Eggs, meat, and fatty fish. 
  • Berries, mangoes, papaya, apple, amla, etc
  • Sweet potato 
  • Green vegetables 
  • All types of beans
  • Nuts
  • Multivitamins 
  • Dairy products

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