Headache: Types, Causes, Treatment(5 Best home remedies Yoga, and Medicine)

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Hi friends, here in this article I will be giving you information regarding those topics Headaches causes and treatment, along with home remedies, and some yoga poses.

-The most commonly seen health problem is headaches. As the name suggests “headaches” it is a pain in the head. There are two major types primary and secondary.

  • Primary. ( normal headaches)
  • Secondary. ( Severe headaches, formed due to injury and can lead to a harmful medical condition.)

Normal headaches are the mild one they not lead to any serious medical problems.

Severe headaches can lead to serious medical problems but how can we identify them? here are some of the symptoms that a while helps you to identify vomiting, fever, problems in vision, speech, behavior, etc.

-Most headaches occur due to swelling, tightening, or other changes in muscles and blood vessels which stimulate our nerve cells those which send a response to our brain. (we feel it as pain )

Types of headaches.

  1. Cluster headaches.
  2. Tension headaches.
  3. Migraine headaches.
  4. Allergy/sinus headaches.
  5. Exertion headaches.
  6. Hypertension headaches.
  7. Rebound headaches.
  8. Post-traumatic headaches. ( For detail….)

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Causes of headaches.

  • Lack of sleep / Improper sleep: It is said that the most cause of headache is improper sleep. How does it work? Different research has a different answer for this question some say that improper sleep means improper working of glymphatic system(i.e removal of waste from the brain)some say lack of sleep causes the creation of protein in the brain which reduces our body threshold for experiencing pain.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration means the loss of fluids(water) through our body. There are many reasons for dehydration over-exercising, hot-summer, improper drinking of water, etc. Researchers say that dehydration causes our brain to shrink or feel dry due to which there is pulling or movement of brain cells which causes pain.
  • Stress/ Tension: As the name suggests, we feel like someone is pressing/stretching our brain internally( Vice-like compression).
  • Alcohol: consumption causes our body to feel dehydrated. As alcohol contains a chemical ethanol which shows diuretic effects(increased production of urine). Hence the excessive loss of unwanted fluid through our body causes dehydration.
  • Hunger/Skipped meal/Fasting/Dieting: Those all reason can decrease our blood glucose level, due to which there is the secretion of hormone which helps in feeling hungry, breakdown of fats, increasing blood pressure, etc. For increasing blood pressure our body tightens our blood vessels which leads to the cause of headaches.
  • Poor posture: provide tension on the nerves present in the vertebral columns which lead to headaches.
  • Caffeine: Works on both sides i.e can also induce pain and relief pain. It depends on the amount and the type of headache. tension related headache can be cured by having caffeine-rich fluids, but for another type, it may increase your pain.
  • Change in weather: It can also be termed as Barometric pressure headaches. As the change in weather means a change in pressure of the environment. Weather such as high humidity, cold winds, rising temperature..etc.
  • Smells/Light/Sound: those things are the most causes of headache. As our body cells and nerve are made for normal work in day to day life. Hypersensitive smell/ loud sound/ extreme light exposure can disturb our cells and nerve activity which leads to headaches.
  • Pollution: Every type of pollution leads to headaches.
  • Excessive strain on the eyes.
  • Some other things that can cause headaches are cold and cough, sinusitis, allergies, and lacks of vitamins and minerals.

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  • Cold therapy: Using an ice pack on the head or neck is an instant and easier method for curing your headache.
  • Caffeine: As I said caffeine has dual effects. Caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor(dilates blood vessels) and reduces inflammation. coffee, black tea, Dark chocolate, Sodas, etc. are some of the caffeine-rich products.
  • Heating pad: Helps in increasing the blood flow towards the brain. ( Use it on the neck or backside of your head.)
  • Hydrate your body: Bests drinks are water, cola, fruit juices( lemon, orange, watermelon, aloe vera, carrot, cucumber ) tea, coconut water, Glucon-D, milk, etc.
  • Home remedies.
    1. Apply the cinnamon paste(powder with water) on the forehead for 30 minutes then wash it.
    2. Drink ginger juice(Grinded paste of ginger with water) or lemon juice.
    3. Apply Chandan/sandalwood paste on the forehead.
    4. Drink turmeric milk, herbal teas.
  • Massage therapy: One of the effective ways to cure your headache. Massage the pain-causing area which helps in boosting blood flow. (use any product eg. zandu balm).
  • Some of the best tablets for headaches.
    1. Acetaminophen.
    2. Paracetamol.
    3. Combiflam.
    4. Crocin.
    5. Aspirin.
  • Use some of the essential oils such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, etc.
  • Have a warm water bath.
  • Have a dark room sleep.
  • Yoga.
    1. Shavasana(Corpse Pose).
    2. Hastapadasana( standing forwrd bend).
    3. Setu-Bandhasana(Bridge pose).

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