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Meditation is the most simplest way for making our life better.

A review of several studies suggest that every successful person has habit of meditation.

What is meditation? Meditation is the oldest and traditional way performed from ancient times for training our minds to avoid evil thoughts. Meditation has tremendous health benefits (physical as well as emotional).

  • In today’s modern life, meditation is a simple and effective way for reducing our stress and avoiding health problems.
  • We have incomplete knowledge that it can’t be performed anywhere, No it’s totally wrong meditation can be performed anywhere while walking, watching tv, while reading a book, waiting for someone, etc.

Are there any benefits of meditation?

  • Helps in reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Helps in reducing blood pressure.
  • Helps in improving sleep quality.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Helps in increasing creativity, patience, and tolerance.
  • Helps in decreasing pain.
  • Most important makes our mind calm and helps us in fighting those unwanted situations.
  • There are many meditation benefits but not been proved. more….

How do you meditate?

  1. Have a quiet and dark place.
  2. Take a seat or you may lie on the bed.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Feel the silence of your room or just focus on your breathing.

What should you not do during meditation.?

  • Avoid disturbance causing things such as electronic gadgets.
  • If you are feeling sleepy, then avoid doing meditation your body needs the rest.
  • Don’t mediate if you are feeling hungry, it diverts your focus from meditation.
  • Meditate for meditation’s sake…not to get something out of it.
  • Pursuing thoughts rather than focusing on breathing.
  • Don’t try too hard, if you are a newbie.
  • Be comfortable, Don’t take posture seriously / to hard.
  • If you are a beginner then don’t spend too much time. (5-6 minutes is good).

Meditation types.

  • Mindfulness meditation. The goal of mindfulness meditation is to achieve a state of alertness by consciously focusing on thoughts and sensations without judgment.
  • Movement meditation. As the name suggests movement, meditation performed during walking, joking, yoga, etc.( Perform by just focusing on body movement)
  • Mantra meditation. In this type of meditation, we can pronounce a name repeatedly such as om, Buddho, hare Krishna, etc.
  • Loving-kindness meditation. In this type of meditation, we think about a name, pictures, person, things, etc which you love a lot. This is the best meditation for controlling anger and stress.
  • Focused meditation. In this meditation type, a person focuses or pays attention to a particular point, object, or sound. This meditation helps in building better concentration.
  1. Can meditation be dangerous?

    No meditation does not harm our bodies. Many articles and scientist says that meditation may harm your body. But proof has not been shown or given by them.

  2. What is the right time for meditation?

    Best time for meditation is your first wake-up. It helps in boosting your mind and helps in feeling fresh. But yes, you can meditate anytime it is totally based on you.

  3. How many times a day should I meditate?

    For a newbie, 5- 10 minutes of meditation is good then periodically you can increase your time. If you are free throughout the day then you can mediate the whole day(your choice). There are many Yogis in the Himalayan region who are meditating for years and years we called them Gyanganj or Siddhashram.

  4. Is it normal to fall asleep during meditation?

    Yes, it is normal. For meditation, our body requires a great focus and a relaxed body. If you are feeling sleepy then this indicates you are totally tired and your body needs the rest. Hence best way is to fall asleep.

  5. How long does it take for meditation to work?

    As the meditation done by you is correct then you may see the change simultaneously. As much as you perform or increase the time of meditation you will see the effects.

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