Pimples/Acne: Does masturbation cause? Top 8 Home remedies, should I pop a pimple|2021.

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Hi friends, here in this article I will tell you about the causes of acne or pimple, how to prevent pimples or acne, does masturbation causes acne, should we pop or remove a pimple, best home remedies, exercise, food to be avoided.

-Pimples are very commonly seen in every once life but mainly pimples occur at the times of puberty as it is said almost 8 of 10 suffer from it.

-Pimples are the bumps form due to blockage of pores and they can occur any were on the skin but mainly seen on the face, back, neck, head, etc.

-Pimples are also called acne, blemishes, Whiteheads, etc.

-But really, pimples can be removed from the face are there any home remedies, and most important does masturbation causes pimples. Read full articles all your doubts will be clear.

Pimple cure:

All in one for the cure of Pimples…

-Mainly the pimples/acne goes always almost entirely by the times they are out of their teens. i.e( Nearly above the age of 25).
Why do pimples occur?

-Pimples occur due to the presence of a sebaceous gland near the hair follicles. The work of the sebaceous gland is to secrete sebum which helps in moisturizing skin and hair.

-Generally, a required amount of sebum is produced by our body but during puberty, our body grows and simultaneous hormonal changes boost the growth of sebum.

-Sometimes those sebum releasing pores are blocked due to dead cells, foreign particles, or dirt which resulted in accumulation of sebum, and as sebum is food for bacteria they become to build their colonies in it and causes infection so our body gets stimulate and reacts by sending immune cells which attack and kill the bacteria due to which there is a swelling which results in the formation of a pimple.

Should I pop a pimple?

Good or Bad…

– It is seen that poping our pimple can push the bacteria deeper into your skin which is harmful and causes redness and irritation.

– A pimple should be poped when it develops a yellowish /whitish head on it, this type of poped pimple has fewer risks of causing infection or scarring.

– If there is an emergency then the best way to pop a pimple is to use a sanitized needle and prick the top of the pimple parallel to the skin. (Don’t try to burst our pimple using a finger).

-Improperly popped pimples may lead to scarring or infection which may be seen on your skin for several weeks.

-It is also seen that many people feel good by popping a pimple this is because of our brain secrets a neurotransmitter(Dopamine) which makes us happy.

Does masturbation cause pimples?

Does masturbation Cause of pimple.

-It is the biggest question for pimple-causing people, but is it true that masturbation causes acne? Let’s see here I will tell you the basics of modern science, Ayurveda and according to me and my studies.

-Firstly modern science i.e mainly dermatologist (skin doctor) says No, masturbation does not cause acne problems, Ayurveda says, Yes acne can be caused by masturbation, and lastly according to me and my studies a big yes.…(Upcoming post will be on advantages and disadvantages of masturbation, hence subscribe us or on our notification).

-On averages by reading those many articles and search on social media.
Frist article says overproduction or increase level of testosterone can lead to excessive sebum production which can cause pimples.
In the second article Says During masturbation or sex the testosterone level increases.

What this indicates? Hence masturbation can cause acne/pimple problems.

Causes of Pimples/Acne:

1. Stress directly causes acne. Due to stress, there are releases of hormone corticotrophin this hormone binds to the receptor of the sebaceous gland(oil gland) due to which there is the formation of acne. It is also said that stress lowers the healing rate of the body.

2. In Puberty hormone becomes active due to which there is stimulation for oil glands/sebaceous gland which causes pimples.

3. Improper sleep can release the hormone cortisol which puts you at the risk for more acne.

4. Improper intake of water, detox body…, or intake of junk food.

5. Hormonal changes or Imbalance.

6. Sweating itself doesn’t cause pimples but not washing your sweat may lead to pimples.

7. Dandruff… or not washing your hair.

8. Smoking… and Alcohol drinking.

9. Using harmful or wrong products.

10. Genetics also plays an important role in the cause of pimples.

11. Most important, repetitive washing of your face.

12. Environment factors such as pollution, water with harmful elements, etc.

Home remedy for Pimple cure๐Ÿ™ Don’t rub )

1. Baking soda with water( apply it on pimples).

2. Steaming face.

3. Apply ice cube on pimple-prone skin this will only help you for reducing pain and swelling.

4. Add a little turmeric powder with milk then add 2 to 3 drops of honey apply it to the whole face.

5. Add garlic paste with rose water and apply it on a pimple.

6. Add 1 teaspoon of besan and turmeric in 1/2 teaspoon sandalwood powder(Chandan powder) mix it with water. (apply it overnight)

7. Mix Multani mitti with Tumeric then add rose water and 1/2 teaspoon honey (apply it where pimples are present overnight then wash it with cold water).

8. Add powder of cinnamon(Daalacheenee) and cloves(laung) in 2:1 ratio then add honey (apply it on pimple keep it for 10 -15 minutes then wash it, while apply it burning sensation will be produced.)
Food that can cause or increase Pimples:

Food to be avoided in pimples

1. Excessive eating of sugary food.

2. Avoid salty food after milk.

3. Avoid refined grains foods such as white bread, pasta, rice noodles, etc those food increase blood sugar level due to which there is an increase in insulin level which cause pimple.

4. Avoid spicy foods.

5. Avoid oily foods.

6. Avoid dairy products.

7. Avoid food rich in omega-6-fat such as sunflower oils, walnuts, corn, pumpkin seeds, etc.

8. Avoid zinc reach foods such as red meats, nuts, seafood like crabs, lobster, etc, and beans.

Some Tips and Yoga exercise for Pimple cure:

1. Wash your face at least 2 times and not more than 4 times a day.

2. Try not to pop-up your pimple, complete them there cycle.

3. Excercise regularly.

4. Try for 6-7 hrs of sleep.

5. Use toxin-free face wash. ( Subscribe us for seeing toxin-free facewash)

6. Avoiding touching your face.

7. Drink plenty of water.

8. Try to eat anti-inflammatory foods

9. Try to reduce stress. (The best way is meditation and exercise.)

10. Pimple remover tools also helps a lot.


(This will help you for reducing stress, increasing blood pressure, and a sufficient amount of oxygen.)

1. Cobra pose.


2. Trikonasana.


3. Kalpalhati pranayam.


4. Janusirsasana.


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