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Roti Vs Rice: 
You are reading this post then I am damn sure you want to reduce your weight, For reducing our weight we have to reduce the intake of carbs and increase the intake of a protein-rich diet.

The battle between Roti and rice has become very old. As we knew our Indian food is incomplete without roti and rice. And I am pretty sure it’s part of your breakfast, lunch., dinner, or all three.

But a very common question arises is – Among roti and rice, which is more healthy? Which one is better for weight loss and which one should you have?

Let’s start with a comparison between the nutritional info of roti and rice.

Nutritional Value of Roti and Rice. (per100g)

100g = Nearly 1/2 Cups.

 Many nutrients are present in roti and rice. Here are a few and most important nutrient 

Nutrients Roti (plain chapati)Rice (white rice)
Dietary fiber4.9g1.3g
Energy(calories)265 calories130 calories

As roti is a whole grain i.e is not refined like white rice. Hence it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Let’s compare the glycemic index of Roti and rice:

What is the glycemic index? In simple language, it is a parameter that tells us, how the particular food can affect our blood sugar level.

This test tells us that, The glycemic index value for roti is 62 and that for rice is 73.

More the glycemic value, more rapidly the sugar level will increase in body.

But don’t worry glycemic value for a particular food can be decreased by just having a proper diet. For decreasing glycemic index value you can add fiber-rich curry, salad, buttermilk to your diet.

A proper diet will decrease the GI value of roti and rice and avoid the instant growth of blood sugar levels. ( Diabetic person should take care while eating high glycemic index food.)

One of the bad nutrient (gluten) is present in Roti but absent in rice.

Is it dangerous? Well Yes, gluten is bad for your body. This does not indicate that you should avoid eating roti/chapati. A person who is allergic to gluten should avoid eating roti.

Roti vs Rice: Which is best for weight loss?

Roti is best, for people who want to reduce their weight or want to maintain it. But why?

The main difference between rice and roti is the presence of fiber, Roti has more amount of fiber than rice. Fiber plays plenty of role in reducing weight such as it digests slowly in our body hence there is a feeling of fullness, it also increases the metabolism rate.

Less presence of carbs in roti plays important role in weight loss. As unused carbs are stored in our body in the form of fats.

Carbs amount: Half a bowl of rice is equal to 2 Chapati / Roti.

That does not indicate that eating rice should be avoided. It is the best food for pregnant women due to its rich folate contain. Rice is also rich in calcium content. For me, without rice my diet is incomplete.

The best way for losing weight is by following a proper diet and exercise.

For you : This post will provide you 3 best tips for weight loss.

Now the question that arises is how many Roti/chapati should be eaten a day. (Normal size Roti) If you are not eating rice then 5-6 chapati should be eaten a day. In presence of rice, the maximum roti that should be eaten is 3-4 per day.

Roti vs Rice: Which is better at night?

Eating Roti or rice at night totally depends on the individual person.

1. Research suggests that high glycemic foods can induce sleep. Hence those people who don’t get quality sleep can eat rice at night.

2. People suffering from diabetes should avoid eating rice at night as it can suddenly increase blood sugar levels.

3. People who want to lose weight also should avoid eating rice at night. If you want to eat rice then see that your diet has a proper amount of fiber (The best way to have a fiber diet is to include salad).

4. People who feel hungry at mid-night should eat more amount of roti/chapati than rice. As it contains a large amount of fiber which will fill your stomach for a longer time.

5. People who have digestion problems should avoid eating roti at night in large amounts.

Here, Rice is the winner because I need quality sleep. Which type of person are you? Do comment…


According to experts, Both roti and rice are healthy food, eating them in adequate manner will be helpful for you. The question you asked on roti vs rice is totally wrong. You should not compare those things, they are must-have food in a typical Indian diet.


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