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 #4. Smoking

                    According to WHO (world health organizations), nearly 120 million smokers are from India i.e 12% of the world’s smokers. In which 10 million peoples from India die every year.
           When we smoke a cigarette there is the entry of chemical nicotine which helps in the secretion of a neurotransmitter mainly dopamine along with many other hormones in the brain.
 Due to the release of those hormones our mind feels relax and stress-free. Hence for relaxation, we use cigarettes more and more i.e cause of addiction.

But how cigarettes can harm our body?

Effects of smoking:

  • *Cataract: Breakdown of tissue present in eyes causing reducing vision of eyes
  • *Weak immune system…: Damages and reduces antibody and immune cells in the body
  • Increases visible signs of aging. 
  • *Infertility. 
  • Weakens bose. 
  • Causes gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay. 
  • *Makes your blood thicker( increase chance of heart attack)
  • Risk of pregnancy complications. 
  • *Encourage cancer cell growth. 
  • *Damage your sense of taste.
  • Makes your hair smell and stains your finger. 
  • Causes of acidity….
  • Encourages high cholesterol levels. 
  • Risks of type 2 diabetes…
  • *Unhealthy skin and hair.(hair loss and dandruff cure tips…) 
  • *Damages lungs: ( Damages airways and air sacs present in lungs, disease like emphysema and chronic bronchitis, in serious case it may lead to lung cancer).

Can our body recover if we stop smoking?

Things happen :

  • After 20 minutes: pulse rate and blood pressure back to normal. Circulation will start to improve. Hands and feet will warm to their usual temperature
  • After 12 hours: Due to the presence of carbon monoxide during the intake of cigarettes your heart needs to pump harder to get enough oxygen to the body, this carbon monoxide level decreases and your heart does not need to pump harder.
  • After 24 hours: The risk of heart damage and blood clotting decrease. Physical exercise and breathing get easier. oxygen level increases and stroke chances decrease.
  • After 48 hours: The nerve ending begins to healthy hence sense becomes sharper.
  • The body enters in detoxic… phase and the lungs try to kick out mucus (if you are a smoker).
  • After 1Week: Nicotine levels in a person’s body are depleted. People become moody and irritable. Several headaches and cravings mighty occur.
  • After 3 Months: the lungs become stronger and clear. blood flows improve. The risks of heart attack decrease.
  • After 6 Months: You are cigarette free…!

Effective ways to stop smoking

  • Nicotine replacement therapy. 
  • Medication. 
  • Use of E-cigarette
  • Judge yourself, when you fill or crave for a cigarette. 
  • Try to reduce stress. 
  • Change your timetable. 
  • Increase intake of vitamin B (antistress) and vitamin C ( helps in protecting the lungs)
  • Think positive and be motivated. 
  • Most important stay away from other smokers. 
          #If you fail don’t give up try again#
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