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Today we will discuss all the important factors regarding vitamin D. 


Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine hormone/ calciferol. 10 out of 3 people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency all over the world. 

Due to this pandemic situation, more people are spending their time at their home. Hence more and more people are searching for vitamin d deficiency. 

Facts: The only vitamin formed by our body in exposure to the sun is vitamin D.

However, today’s generation has replaced sunlight with artificial light. This is the main reason people are suffering from a variety of diseases.

But don’t worry here are few ways that will help you…

Here is the content table that will help you in finding the necessary 👇information👇

Vitamin d deficiency symptoms:

  • Hair Loss 
    • Keratinocytes are the cells present on the skin which are responsible for the formation of vitamin d. 
    • Vitamin D helps in the stimulation of hair follicles hence deficiency in vitamin d can affect the growth of hair. 
    • Vitamin D deficiency may also be caused due to autoimmune diseases like alopecia areata in which there is excessive hair loss and may form some of the bald patches. 
  • Fatigue
    • Vitamin d helps in the regulation of insulin level and insulin helps our body in converting blood sugar into energy.
    • As vitamin d helps in the absorption and formation of calcium in the body. calcium helps our body in strengthening the bones and muscles. Hence vitamin d deficiency causes weakening of bone and muscle.
  • Constipation
    • It has been said that people suffering from constipation are mainly seen to be vitamin d deficient.
    • It is also said that an increased level of calcium can cause digestive problems.
  • Cold & Flu
    • Cold and flu are the common cause of a weak immune system.
    • Studies suggest vitamin d can help in boosting our immune system.
  • Improper sleep
    • Vitamin d helps in the absorption of calcium and calcium helps our brain in using tryptophan amino acid in the formation of the hormone melatonin.
    • Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone.

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  • Loss of appetite
    • Loss of appetite means not feeling hungry.
    • Serotonin is the hormone that helps in maintaining our body’s appetite. 
    • Vitamin D regulates the conversion of tryptophan into serotonin.
  • Joint pain
    • Joint pain is caused due to pain or inflammation occurred in the joint region.
    • Vitamin D works as an anti-inflammatory i.e reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Slow wound healing.
    • It is not yet been proved that vitamin d can help in wound healing.
    • It is said that vitamin indirectly helps in the healing of the body. 
    • As calcium is an important factor in wound healing. (vit.D helps in the absorption of calcium)
    • Vitamin D also helps in immune system formation which works as antimicrobial (cathelicidin).

Top 10 foods rich in vitamin D sources:

Vitamin-d -foods

     The best source of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight. If you can’t do this then add those foods to your diet for maintaining vitamin d level. 

     As we know Vitamin d is a fat-soluble vitamin hence there sources are limited. Nearly 10 % of vitamin D requirements can be fulfilled by eating the foods.

    The main role of vitamin D is to absorb calcium. Calcium plays a variety of roles in our body its main role is in the strengthening and formation of bones. Hence for maintaining calcium level we should have a sufficient level of vitamin d.

    The main problem is for those people who are vegetarian and who cannot spend time in the sunlight, as there are few plants that produce vitamin D that to in less amount. 

     But don’t worry I will provide you the best foods that have vitamin d contain, along with some supplements guide.

      The following foods have a good amount of vitamin D and calcium.

  1. Oranges.
  1. Eggs.
  1. Oatmeal & cereals.
  1. Dark Chocolate.
  1. Dairy products.( butter, cheese (swiss & goat) and milk)
  1. Vegetables. ( broccoli, peppers, carrot, and sweet potato)
  1. Almonds.
  1. Soy milk. ( soybean milk)
  1. Mushrooms.

1o. Meat & oily fish.

Vitamin D supplements:

vitamin d supplement

    There are a tremendous amount of supplements present in the market. Some are in tablet form, some in capsule and powder form.

    Among those tablets is the oldest and most used form used by vitamin d deficient persons.

Tablet and capsule can be consumed once a day while powder once a week. (after meal)

 Are there any side effects of supplements? Mostly they are safe, but Yes there are side-effects of those supplements when consumed in excess of the amount or used for a long period of time. (hypervitaminosis)

We recommend, avoid taking supplements.

Vitamin D from sunlight.

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Sunlight is the best natural source of vitamin d. But taking sunbath for a long time at the wrong time can harm you it may cause headaches, skin allergy, tanning of the skin, etc.

Time:   The best time for sunbath is in the morning after sunlight(9 am-12 am) and in the evening before sunset(3 pm-5 pm).

1) Fair Skin: Should stay in sunlight on an average of 25 – 30 minutes a day.

2) Dark Skin: Should stay in sunlight on an average of 60- 70 minutes a day.

Because dark skin person consists of a large amount of melanin pigment as compared to fair skin person. This melanin protects our skin from the direct absorption of  UV radiation. 

Precaution: Stay hydrated while taking sunshine. (Prevent from dehydration and tanning)

Too much exposure can cause skin problems. (Redness/Rashes of skin)

The best way is to expose your back and navel toward the sun.

 Process: Deep inside the skin, we have a steroid called 7-dehydrocholesterol, and when it’s hit by Uv B radiation from the sun, the sun’s photon break one of the chemical bonds of those steroids which convert to cholecalciferol ( vitamin D3).

 After this process, the liver and kidneys convert it to its final form calcitriol which is vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency causes:

  Vitamin D has many functions in our body directly as well as indirectly. Hence deficiency in vitamin d can lead to many health problems.

It is said that as we get older our body decreases the rate of synthesis of vitamin d even exposure to sunlight.

 An adequate amount of vitamin d helps in controlling the following disease.

Below listed health problems are mostly seen in the vitamin d deficient person.

  • High blood pressure( hypertension)
  • Asthma
  • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Intestinal diseases 
  • Aches weakness
  • Liver & Kidney disease
  • Weakening And thickening of bones
  • Myopia
  • Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Rickets osteoporosis

Normal range:

The normal range of vitamin d present in a healthy body is in level between 20 to 50 ng/ml. Here ng/ml indicates nanograms per milliliter.

If this level is less than 15 ng/ml then it is said vitamin d deficiency.

Recommended test by a doctor is a 25-hydroxyvitamin d blood test. Nearly estimated cost in India for this test is Rs.1600 and in the united states, it cost 50 dollars.

Some of the best vitamin D benefits.

  • Helps in Strengthening of our bones and muscles.
  • Keeps our brain healthy.
  • Works as an antidepressant.
  • Helps our immune system.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • It may help in improving the production of testosterone hormones.
  • Strengthen our teeth.
  • It May help in weight loss.
  • Some scientists suggest that vitamin D should be used as a sports supplement…
  • Maintain blood pressure level.

There are many health benefits of vitamin d but not yet have been proved.

Indirectly Vitamin d plays an important role in many cellular level functions such as secretion, formation, absorption, etc.

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Can vitamin d help in the prevention and treatment of covid 19?

According to Dr.Roger Seheult Vitamin D may play important role in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. He says that as vitamin D is a steroidal hormone means it can pass through cell-membrane, it can prevent RNA transcription and also help in immune system formation. Want more…
Experts(France) suggest vitamin D supplements to be given to people in France in a bid to counter the Covid-19 virus. ( additional tool)

Some serious problems caused due to vitamin d deficiency?

1. Cancer.
2. Parkinson’s disease.
3. Suicide. (It affect mental health)
4. Autoimmune diseases.
5. Heart diseases.
Read the above info in detail…

Which is better vitamin d2 or d3?

We can’t say which one is good both have their own functions.
As Vit, D2 helps in rickets, familial hypophosphatemia & hypoparathyroidism.
While Vit D3 helps in strengthen bones and muscles, weight loss, increased mood & immunity booster.


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