Weight loss tips: 3 ways to reduce your weight|2021.

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 #16.Weight loss:

Follow those ways…
                 Are you feeling shy? while going out due to your overflowing belly fat. Then friends don’t worry. According to WHO in 2020 serve it is known that nearly 72% of men and 63% of women are obese or overweight😳😳😳.

How much time does it take to remove your 20 kg of fat?

             – Firstly I will tell you about a famous singer Adnan sami in earlier age nearly his weight was 165 kg and he transformed it into 67 kg by just following a keto diet and workout plan this indicates nothing is impossible.
              -Answer to this question is 20 kg of weight can be loosened in 3 months but totally it depends on that individual person someone may lose weight in 10 days, or someone may lose weight in 10 years. but is good to lose weight in 10 years as compared to 10 days I am talking about 20 kg of weight. if you will lose 20 kg of weight in just 10 days it is very good but along it you may face many problems such as deficiency of minerals, vitamins, etc or may cause any unwanted diseases in severe case you may die and this weight loss will be temporary. (hence it is not a good way).
                -As for acquiring 20 kg of fat a normal person requires nearly 2 months. How it can be fair? that you will lose it in just 10 days. Hence reducing 20 kg of fats in 10 days is a myth. It only can be done when you are suffering from diseases like cancer, wasting syndrome…… or you are left in the jungle or forest for survival. 😂😂😂
                    1 kg fat = 7800 calories 
                    6-7 days = lose 1 kg fat. through workout/exercise.
                                  = lose 0.5 kg fat through diet.
                  For more effect, you may do fasting.
                  For instant results, you may also do bariatric surgery, liposuction but is this a good way or the cheaper way I don’t things so…..
                    -On average 3-4 months are good for losing weight without any side effects. Slow and steady weight loss helps you a lot, due to this your weight gain diet will be in maintenance and you will have a good grip on your diet. And this 3-4 months period will give you a perfect mindset for avoiding fatty foods i.e you will try to be fit.
   For losing weight there are many different ways such as workout, dieting, and fasting.
                For quick weight loss, you may follow allow those but according to me, workout+ diet is the best way. if you want to follow workout then you should know the best workout, best foods for weight loss, and some basic weighlossening tips for you.

#1.Weightloss+Diet :

                  Are you feeling shy? Going out due to your overflowing belly fat. Then friends don’t worry. According to WHO in 2020 serve it is known that nearly 72% of men and 63% of women are obese or overweight😳😳😳.
weight loss and diet

Friends here are few tips that will help you to lose belly fat

1. Excercise

2. Diet

3. Basic tips

                                                          Read more…
            You may also include fasting once a week as fasting does not only help you in weight loss it improves memory also for more.

#2. Intermittent fasting:


        “Intermittent fasting refers to eating plans that alternate between fasting and eating”. 
     The goal of intermittent fasting is to systematically starve the body long enough to trigger fat burning. 
                Read more….
       If you don’t have time for exercise/workout or you can’t do fasting then the best way for losing fat is the keto diet (mostly used by Indian actress).                      

#3.Ketogenic Diet:


What is the keto diet? (low carb and high-fat diet) 

            Ketosis is a metabolic state that our bodies can enter in order to obtain the energy that we need to function.
      In ketosis, our body uses fat to create an energy source called ketone bodies process called ketogenesis while this is a natural process we aren’t typically in a state of ketosis. This is because your body always prefers to use glucose as an energy source. And we can easily obtain glucose by just eating carbs. Even when carbs aren’t readily available, we can utilize store glucose called glycogen. So really in order to enter ketosis, we need to basically burn off all of our glycogen stores and also not really eat any carbohydrates. 
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